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Founded in 1998 by Yahya Medlij, CYBERTECH LLC develops automation solutions for manufacturing. With over 25 years of hands on engineering experience in the semiconductor, disk drive and medical equipment industry. CYBERTECH LLC is the best choice for your custom equipment and engineering needs.

We specialize in cleanroom automated equipment development, build, retrofit, integration, modifications and installation.

Our unique ability to work with a wide variety of machines is an asset to our customers.

We also provide Engineering services, maintenance and field service support. 


* Our customers are CYBERTECH LLC's single most important assets.

* Integrity and honesty are never compromised.

* Excellence is our commitment.

* Cost effective, reliable solutions for your Equipment needs.


The founder Yahya Medlij has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and held the following positions prior to establishing CYBERTECH LLC.

Automation Manager at Spectra physics.

Electrical Engineering Manager at Concept Systems Design, Inc.

Electrical Engineering Manager at Applied Materials, Inc.

Project Engineer at Advanced cardiovascular systems/Guident Corp.

Electrical Engineer at Conner peripherals.

Senior Electrical Engineer at Digital Equipment Corp.

Controls Engineer at Textron Corp.

Senior Electrical Engineer at Automated semiconductor Inc./ National Semiconductor.


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